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Due to the lack of awareness of the regrettable development from society, it caused Greater Good to exist. Greater Good is driven by health concern both for people and for the planet which makes Greater Good’s goal is to be the voice for the planet and to make passionate and caring eco-friendly people to buy responsibly and in a way that is healthier for people and better for the planet.

Greater Good’s philosophy underpins founders’ whole business in everything they do that makes the founders’ intention to be a trustworthy grocer.

Strong characteristics of Greater Good that makes Flitts is required to create a user-friendly-minimalist web store that can represent their brand, yet contrast so the messages of Greater Good can be well-delivered to the public. A Journal was also requested to deliver their tips and trick to becoming an eco-warrior.
Knowing and understanding the needs and wants of clients is Flitts’ expertise, so it was able for Flitts to create Greater Good’s web store with all of their specification. A responsive web store was made to meet the needs of the users. The users can search a product as specific as their needs for example Halal, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, etc.
Greater Goods can influence and deliver its message and intention to people out there while also generating sales and lead.
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