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Wonderly provides luxurious beauty clinic-inspired brightening products that give long-term and noticeable results for healthy bright skin. Wonderly believes that every woman deserves to be in the spotlight to walk into society with pride and confidence. Wonderly aims to manifest their deepest desire in fulfilling their dreams of looking presentable and be admired for having brighter skin, they’ve always wondered.

Wonderly team wants to use the website as a place and branding tool to share information about their new products and promote them. They want to be seen as a high-end, luxury brand that is still easy to buy from. In addition to wanting to sell their products on the website, they also want to development of a vibrant online community of like-minded individuals.
The use of a cool-toned color palette with sparkling elements conveys the premium nature of their brand and helps convey the site's intended sense of brightness and luxury. We create a high-end UI design with micro-interactions to create the element of surprise to make the process of acquiring knowledge as painless as possible for the consumer. Customers can take a quiz to learn more about the options available to them before making a purchase. Customers can fill out a form on our site to become part of the community and receive updates and, possibly, an invitation to a launch party.
Wonderly's product launch was a success, and the company now boasts a sizable user base that uses the site's scent recommendation quiz before purchasing goods. They also gather a lot of new members for their community using the form on join glow queens page.
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Tangerang, Banten, 15810
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